DIY Dollar Tree Centerpiece

Recently, my husband bought this beautiful solid wood table at a yard sale for a great price! We moved into a bigger house and desperately needed a larger table. Going from a tiny table to a vey large one has allowed me to incorporate centerpieces onto this gorgeous table.   Keep reading to discover howContinue reading “DIY Dollar Tree Centerpiece”

Foods to Stock for an Emergency

When you are sheltering in place having food and water is your top priority in any disaster situation. You can make it without power, and a lot of comforts, but you can’t survive without food and water. Learn how and what foods to stock up encase of an Emergency.

Delicious Keto Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Bring the delicious tastes of mexico into your keto diet with this huevos ranchero recipe. This breakfast consists of eggs, salsa and a few other ingredients. It brings a delicious explosion of flavors to your taste buds. Guaranteed to be a low carb dieter’s dream.

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