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February 16, 2020

Valentines & A Birthday

Valentine’s Day came and went in our house fairly quickly. The boys made boxes and valentines for school and each one said they had a really good party with their classmates. They even scored a good amount of candy.

Rob and I didn’t celebrate on the 14th. We waited until today to go out and do something to celebrate. Today, we had a short window without any kids (a huge rarity in our household). We went on a simple and laid back date where we could pig out on some good eats and enjoy eachother’s company. We dinned at Golden Corrall and it was sooooo incredibly nice to get out of the house. It was also wonderful to have an evening where I didn’t have to cook or worry about dishes.

We also exchanged gifts two days before Valentine’s Day because I just couldn’t wait. We are the kind of couple that would rather have a small and meaningful gift than an expensive gift that doesn’t have much thought behind it. I spend a total of $2 on Rob’s gift and he spent $5 or $6 on mine.

Our son (my step-son), AJ, turned 10 on the 8th. He was very humble about what he wanted for his birthday and told us we didn’t have to get him anything. Oh, how sweet, he can be sometimes! Not getting him anything wasn’t going to fly with me though. We gave him money so that he could pick out his own gift which, ended up being a boomerang. We ordered some pizza (his favorite), ate some german chocolate cake, and just hung out and played his favorite games.

February 2, 2020

A Glimpse into a Typical Friday in my House

And then one day, we decided we were tired of sleeping in and doing whatever we wanted in a clean house, and so we had kids.

Cody and AJ swords fighting with balloons while Tristan runs around without pants while yelling and Caden hides in his room.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table because I have totally given up on cleaning. I’m sure you can see how messy my floor is.

It’s crazy. It’s chaotic. It’s my life and I love it.

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