DIY Dollar Tree Centerpiece

Recently, my husband bought this beautiful solid wood table at a yard sale for a great price! We moved into a bigger house and desperately needed a larger table. Going from a tiny table to a vey large one has allowed me to incorporate centerpieces onto this gorgeous table.


Keep reading to discover how I made this centerpiece for less than $10 using mostly dollar tree supplies!


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DIY Centerpiece

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Items Needed

1 Plastic Tray

2 Wood Chunks

2 Glass Jars

Faux Moss

Fake Flowers

A Vase

Welcome, Thankful, Blessed Metal Words Pack

Ornamental Grass ( the only thing I didn’t purchase at the Dollar Tree. I was given it for free. )

Paint and Paint Brushes


1. Paint the Grateful metal words or whichever of the words you choose. I used the paint from Walmart located in the craft section. I chose a dark sunset like yellow for mine. It will take about 2-3 coats to completely cover the metal. Some of the paint will chip off, which is fine with me because I think it makes it look rustic. If you’re not into that look seal it with modge podge.

2. Place the wood hunks into the jars. These 2 jars used about a bag and a half to fill them.

3. Place the flowers and grass into the vase.

4. Place the vase and jars on the tray.

5. Surround the moss evenly around the jars and vase.

6 Place the metal letters on the moss


Voila! You now have a gorgeous centerpiece that looks more expensive than the price you actually paid.

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