The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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In anticipation of the arrival of a new baby typically a friend or family member will have a baby shower for the expecting mother. This special celebration of motherhood is usually held around two to three months before the baby is due. Sometimes the baby shower may be done after the baby is born.

It’s both traditional and polite for guests to bring some type of gift to the baby shower. Whether you decide to bring a big or small gift, it’s the thought that counts. Picking these gifts and watching the mom open them can be a lot of fun.

However picking just the right gift can feel like a difficult decision. You want to find something that the mother-too-be or baby will use and something that they do not already have. This can pose a difficult problem. I’m sure you have been to a baby shower where mom got the same present from two or three different guests. However, if it happens it is not the end of the world and I’m sure the mom-to-be will be appreciative regardless.

Below I have listed some suggestions to picking the perfect baby shower gift.

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Something Practical for Baby

Items that babies use frequently can be very practical and ensure that what you buy is useful. Products such as baby ointments, baby lotions, diapers, wipes, baby power, and other items are some things that mom and baby will definitely be using.

Diapers are an amazing gift to bring a new mother as the baby will typically be wearing diapers until around the age of two or three. Babies also tend to go through many diapers each and every day. Did you know that the average baby goes through 2,750 diapers in a year? That’s a lot of diapers!

Keep in mind though that when someone is expecting a baby many people tend to gift them newborn diapers and some hospitals will even send mom and baby home with newborn diapers. Therefore, if you decide to buy diapers go for a bigger size or a variety of sizes to ensure that they will be of use.

Something Fun for the Baby

Another fun tip and easy gift is to buy something that is fun for the baby like a toy. Today they have tons of great toys that vibrate, play music, and have colorful lights. These are all great toys and very helpful for the babies brain development. The more babies explore and play the faster their brain connections develop. So not only will you be giving a fun gift you will be helping the child develop their brains. Things like swings, bouncy seats, high chairs, rockers or small soft play toys can all be great gift ideas.

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This can be one of the funnest gifts to buy It is hard for anyone to resist the cute little clothes that babies wear. Just imagining those small feet, hands and body filling the tiny clothes can be a joy in itself. When buying clothes it is better to stay with pretty practical things to ensure that the baby will get to wear it a few times. Things that need to be dry-cleaned, ironed, or etc probably will not ever be worn by the bay because of the extra time and effort required by the mother to use these clothes. Just remember that many people focus on buying newborn sized clothing. Therefore, you may want to buy bigger sizes.

Something Practical for Mom

Buying gifts that mom gets to use is super helpful. Items like a diaper trashcan that keeps the smell of dirty diapers down, a sling to carry the baby, or a diaper bag can all be helpful. The mom to be has the hardest job of all. She will be getting up at all hours of the night to feed and comfort the baby along with being overwhelmed at having to take care of a brand new life. Giving some gift that can help make her life easier is often very appreciated.

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Something Just for Mom

Yes a baby shower is supposed to technically be for the baby. However moms are often nervous about the new life that will be coming to them. They may also feel very exhausted from both the pregnancy, the delivery of a new baby, and caring for the baby. Buying a gift for her can be something that gives her a little boost and helps to remind her that you are thinking of her too. Things that will make mom’s life a little easier are always appreciated. Gift options for mom might include gift certificates, home spa kits, bubble bath, blankets, and beauty products.

By following these tips you can find a fun gift that will celebrate the mom-to-be and the baby that is on it’s way into the family.

Remember that a baby shower is a special time for the mom, baby, and family. It is a great chance to help the mother and father prepare for their new roles. It is also a wonderful chance to celebrate the birth of a new life. To ensure that you get the right baby shower gift take your time, relax and follow some of the suggestions above.

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  1. I definitely agree with the practical for baby! I have a 2 month old now, and I wish I would have gotten more diapers, and another is formula! Even though I had planned on breast feeding you never know when you are going to need it or have to use it! Thanks for sharing!

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