Family Activities When You’re Stuck at Home – Free Printables Included

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, stay- at- home orders are being pushed on the public everywhere around the world. Many workers are laid off, schools are closed, and it might start to feel like the walls of your home are closing in on you.

In a world where most of us are use to having many opportunities to leave the house to go to the park, work, the gym, theaters, and more it’s a shock to our minds and body being stuck at home for a very long period of time. There is only so much tv you can watch plus children have the tendency to get bored very easily. Boredom is something that can have destructive consequences when it comes to children. I know when my kids have nothing to do they start arguing and picking on each other. Other times they’ll start getting into stuff that they aren’t supposed to really get into then next thing I know the house is destroyed.


Use these ideas below to have fun with your kids, beat boredom, promote creativity, and keep everyone at home sane in these trying times. Plus, these fun activities will also help your family to connect with one another to create a stronger bond.

Bake Something

Baking is fun and helps kids learn life skills necessary for later in life. Let everyone choose something they want to bake together as a family. It could be cookies, cake pops, muffins, a pastry—anything yummy and bake-able! Then, you all work together as a family to get the ingredients, and make something super delicious everyone can be proud of being a part of. If you have a big family, you can even do a different baking project every other day until everyone has had a chance to make their favorites!

Recipes to Try


Gardening is a very useful skill, and can be a lot of fun to get into. You can start a little vegetable, herb, or flower garden depending on the space you have. If you have a lot of space, everyone can have their own little plot where they can grow what they want as well! Don’t fret if you live in an apartment you can have a small garden on your porch or inside near a window. Also, don’t worry if the weather isn’t ideal because seedlings can be started inside.

Gardening is a great way to show your kids how patience, hard work, and perseverance can pay off in big ways! They will learn valuable lessons in responsibility through long-term care of the plants. Then, once the plants have matured they can enjoy feasting on the fruits and vegetables, helping to make recipes with them, or just enjoy having pretty flowers and other plants.


All you have to do is buy a few gardening essentials such as soil and pots. Many items you already own can be used for gardening for example you can use biodegradable material to start seedlings such as cardboard egg cartons, empty egg shells, newspaper, and toilet paper rolls. Plant them outside when the time is right or place the plant with the biodegradable planter in a larger pot.

Learn How to Make Planters for your Seedlings with these Articles

Tips, Information, and Ideas for Gardening

Garden Printables for Kids

Story Time

Have a family story night. Challenge your entire family to come up with a story to tell. Set aside a special time during the day to share your stories. Write them down, read them out loud, or act them out. Let your creativity soar. Bonus points for going all in with costumes, funny voices, and homemade props!

Story Telling Printable Worksheet

Print out the sheet below, write down a theme or let your family chose a story of their choice. You’ll get a little bit of quiet time while your children flex their creativity using the sheet below.

Board Games

Sometimes just a relaxing day of playing board games is a great way to pass the time. If you want to add a little something extra, try making up some new rules and change the same old games up a bit! You can also create your very own games like themed charades, or scavenger hunts! Unleash your creative side, and play by your own rules.

Printable Activities Bingo for Kids



Coloring, collages, slime making, painting, etc. are all examples of super fun crafts you can do with your family. Art is something that can be therapeutic, so make sure this is a positive experience with no bad ideas or critiques. Art styles are all different, and there is no wrong way to be creative. Just have fun!

Need inspiration?


Pizza Night

All you need is dough, toppings, sauce, and an oven to have your very own family pizzeria! Everyone gets enough dough for a personal sized pizza, and they can top it however they want. Then, you just bake and enjoy! This makes personal pizzas truly personal, and makes for great bonding time with food and fun!

Pillow Fort

Pillow forts are easy to make and awesome to play in. As a grown adult I still enjoy hanging out in a pillow fort. Instead of pillow forts my kids like to work together to build pillow castles. Use cardboard boxes, blankets, couch cushions, pillows, and more to create a massive pillow fort for the whole family to fit comfortably inside.


Camp in Your Living Room

Pop up the family tent, roll out the sleeping bags, and enjoy a night of camping in your living room. Camping inside can be just as fun as camping outside. Make s’mores in the oven, turn on nature sounds, and tell ghost stories in the dark. Plus, camping inside has it’s own benefits, for instance, it’s climate controlled and you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes or an unexpected downpour!

Family Movie Night

(This is a great add-on to pillow fort day) Get comfy and watch a movie series for a day with lots snacks and finger food. Stay in your pajamas for extra coziness!

Family Movie Night Printables

Use my printables below to make it extra fun for the kids by setting up a concession stand and letting them use the printable play money to buy snacks. Give them tickets to the show and enjoy your night with them.

Make a Film

Use your phones, or an old camcorder to document a whole day with your family. After filming spend some time time editing the footage to make an awesome family movie that you will be able to treasure for years to come. Imagine stumbling across the film 10-20 years from now. It will be fun to look back and remember what a fun day you had, and how you lived at that time.

Dance Party

Make a playlist with everyone’s favorite songs, and have a big dance party! Go crazy and have fun just shaking out all your troubles. Teach your kids some old school dance moves and they can teach you some new one. Plus, dancing is a great form of exercise.

Bonus points is you have a strobe light!



Pilates and Yoga are fantastic ways to help with flexibility and fitness. Many forms are low-impact which make them great for all ages and abilities Start with beginner positions, and practice daily until everyone is super comfortable with learning gradually more complex positions. Never overdo these exercises, and they can be a really amazing way to promote a healthy body and mind.

Check out some of these beginner Yoga and Pilates videos on Youtube.


This can be indoor or outdoor, depending on your situation. Pack up some food, drinks, snacks, pillows, and blankets. Then set up a nice little picnic spot in your house or backyard! Picnics are always a lot of fun and much more relaxing than a typical formal meal at a table.

After dinner you and your family can enjoy watching the sunset or gazing at the stars. Check out Top 10 Free Smartphone Apps For Stargazing from Astronomy Trek.

Make Cards/Write Letters

Letters and cards can mean so much to elderly in nursing homes and troops overseas. Make some handmade cards with happy messages, or write some kind letters, and send them out to senior homes and military bases. This is a wonderful way to boost morale and spread love to people who may be lonely and discouraged. You can use these links to send your cards: AND

Play Dress-Up

Encourage the kids to put on the craziest outfits that they possibly can. Let them get clothes and shoes from your closet to try on. Turn it into a fun competition. Take turns being the judge of the competition.


Tie Dye

Out of all the activities on the list, this one is probably the one that has the most potential for being the messiest! Do yourself a favor and make sure to do this one in the yard in case there is any spillage. Use trash bags as aprons by cutting a head and two armholes out.

Tie dye is a lot of fun, and is also a great outlet for creativity! You can tie dye just about any article of clothing, and there are a million ways to tie and dye them! Once they are all finished, you will have a great memory every time you wear whatever you made!

Check out 5 easy tie-dye instructions — plus, 4 tie-dye patterns to try from Care

Learn To Sew

Sewing is a skill that always comes in handy at one time or another. Even knowing how to sew on a button can be the difference between an awkward situation and a quick fix with no fuss. Basic stitches are also good to know in any future fashion emergencies.

Whether you choose to hand stitch or use a sewing machine sewing can be a lot of fun. Make pillow, stuffed animals, blankets, and clothing with your kids. Use iron on letters from the craft isle of your local supermarket or craft store to add your kids names to the items they sew for a cute, personal touch.

Build Models

Order a model airplane, building, robot, car, etc. and build it together as a family. Models can also be purchased at your local Walmart & simple ones can be purchased at the Dollar Tree. Model building is an awesome way to learn about how things go together, and how to work together as a team. When you are done building them have even more fun by painting and personalizing them.

Family Video Games

A lot of modern video games and systems have multiplayer options that make family fun super easy!

Family Albums & Family History

Learning about family history is a great way to keep memories and traditions alive. Great grandma’s cookie recipe will mean that much more if your kids have a face to place with the stories. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and they also preserve the memories of the past.

Sites like,, and are great places to start.


Create A Scrapbook

Get out some sheets of paper, photos, news articles, stickers, and other craft supplies and build a scrapbook with your kids. An old notebook can work just as well as a fancy scrapbook from the store.

Life Sized Drawings

Get a big piece of poster board and have someone lay down on it. Then, trace around their body so that each family member has their own outline. Everyone can work on creating a self-portrait.


Karaoke is a lot of fun, and making it a family affair is sure to get lots of laughs. You can even hold a contest for best impersonations. Dress up as your favorite pop stars and dance along to the songs.

Make A Bird House Or Bird Feeder

A typical birdhouse can be a home for lots of animals besides birds! Chipmunks, squirrels, mice, and other small mammals can also make their homes in birdhouses. This is a great way to keep these little guys warm and sheltered in the rain or cold that may be coming up where you live.

Keep the birds living in your bird house happy with a homemade bird feeder. You can find all sorts of fun variations on Pinterest.

Follow An Online Tutorial

This can be anything from cake decorating, to wreath making, to knitting a scarf! Just find a beginner video of something cool, and if you have the supplies you need—give it a try! It can be a lot of fun to see how your finished product compares with the video’s. This can be a team effort to do one big project, or each family member can work on one small project! This is a great way to see how differently each person can do the same thing. Use this as an opportunity to teach your kids about individuality, and help them see that everyone is different in awesome ways!


Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are really awesome ways to get the brain and body moving. There are also lots of ways to set up a scavenger hunt! You can theme it by color, size, room, and more! Set a time limit if you have older kids; and make sure if you have younger kids, that they can have fun without feeling too pressured to “win.” Family days and activities should be all about fun!

Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable

Quiet Time Activities

I’m sure your house is bustling with noise from dawn until dusk while the kids are out of school. Keeping them occupied is a priority but you just need some time to yourself every once in a while. Quit time activities are a great way to entertain the kids while giving you time to relax. The following activities will engage their mind but don’t require as much participation on your part.

Here are a few ideas to try for quiet time:

1. Puzzles

2. Word search

3. Reading

4. Coloring

5. Drawing

Quiet Time Printable Packet

This packet includes 2 word searches, 2 mazes, and 1 Cryptogram.

Create an All about Me Page

Have each family member decorate a poster that’s all about them. Use pictures, stickers, glitter, markers, and facts about yourself to create the poster. Encourage everyone to be as creative as possible! Kids can use these as decor in their bedrooms when they are finished.

Dye Easter Eggs

There are several ways to decorate eggs for Easter. All you really need to do is boil some eggs and buy a dye kit from your local Walmart or Dollar Tree. There are many other fun ways to dye Easter eggs such a using shaving cream, markers,and even some plants. If your family is vegan or eggs are scarce at your stores right now consider using alternatives. Some stores sell fake cardboard eggs that your can color or buy plastic eggs and allow your kids to cover them in stickers and glitter.

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