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A diaper bag is one of those essentials most Moms would be lost without.

As some of you may know I take care of a friends two year old while she works. I have him often enough that I bought my own diaper bag for him.

It’s been such a long time since my own kids were that little that I forgot how much stuff you have to hall around for a little one. I’m constantly refilling his diaper bag with products and essential items that he will need or might need. I swear, I think of new items to put in there often. Every once in a while I forget a key item and let me tell you, I’m super flustered when I need that item.


However, I love using a diaper bag. I have decided to share with you some tips on buying the right diaper bag, designs and features, what to put in your bag, as well as a FREE (for a limited time) Diaper Bag Checklist!

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Finding the Right Diaper Bag

In the past, diaper bags were little more than large plastic shoulder bags with one or two big compartments. And they weren’t very attractive either. They were used because one didn’t have a choice. Thankfully, with time that’s all changed. You can find diaper bags that vary from basic, to trendy, to designer. Designer bags are very attractive and stylish, but they typically also have a large price tag too.

Diaper Bag Designs and Features

The simple design of some diaper bags may fool you into believing theres nothing much inside. But, you may be surprised to see some nifty features like a pullout changing pad or special pockets for keys and cell phones. Parents can rejoice in the fat that most of todays diaper bags come with nylon linings to prevent messy spills from ruining the bag.

One of the most attractive diaper bags Ive seen looks very much like a purse, and everything inside the diaper bag – changing pad, storage bag, wipes case – can come out. So, you can ultimately use it as a purse. Another one of my favorites has a non-slip grip on the strap, so the bag will not slide off when you bend to pick something up. A great feature in some bags is that they can easily be attached to a stroller with rings and clips that are included in the bag. Just be sure the diaper bag is positioned properly on the stroller so that the weight of it doesnt tip the stroller over.


Factors to Keep in Mind

Aside from cost, the other factors you must to keep in mind while purchasing the perfect diaper bag is size and comfort. The diaper bag that your best friend swears by might not be the right diaper bag for you. Therefore, you need to take time to look at several different bags before making your purchase. This will ensure that the bag you buy will be perfect for you and you little one.

When you want to take an excursion out of your home with a small baby, theres no telling what you might need. A good diaper bag can hold everything necessary including diapers, baby wipes, diaper ointment, baby powder, clothing, bottles, food, and just about anything else you might possibly need.

diaper bag, diaper bag essentials, free diaper bag checklist, what to put in a diaper bag, diaper bag freebies

What to put in Your Diaper Bag

The most important item in a diaper bag is diapers. If you need to, you can carry up to a dozen of the thickest diapers in a diaper bag. In another large compartment of the bag you should put in several changes of clothes. Some other useful things to put in the bag are bibs, baby cups, burp cloths, washcloths, a blanket, pacifiers, toys, snacks, food (along with utensils for feeding) and baby bottles. A changing pad is another essential item (a towel or an old baby blanket works well as a changing pad.) In fact, anything that you need to use on a daily basis should go into the diaper bag.

diaper bag, diaper bag essentials, free diaper bag checklist, what to put in a diaper bag, diaper bag freebies

It is a good idea to keep your diaper bag at least partially ready all the time. Some people have diapers, pacifiers, blankets, an extra set of clothes, and toys stashed away in their diaper bags permanently.


Forgetting Items

With all the stuff babies and toddlers need it is easy to forget to pack necessary items. Most Parents suffer with this reality at least a couple of times, if not on a regular basis. I’m sure you would agree that being a parent is hectic enough on its own without having to worry about what you’ve forgotten to put in the diaper bag.

I never forget my baby bag. However, I’m often finding myself having forgotten to pack certain items. Everytime I think I have packed everything I later find out, at the worst possible time that I am missing something. Once, my 10 month old lost his pacifier at the zoo and I didn’t have another one on me. That was not a great day.

– Kelly L from Fallbrook, California

The Solution

I’ve found that the best plan of action is to have a checklist handy to ensure the bag is ready to go when you are.

Downloadable Diaper Bag Checklist

Let me remind you this printable is FREE for a LIMITED TIME! So, be sure to download ASAP.Once you download this printable it’s yours to keep forever and to print as many times as you need.

Included in this download is both the pink and the blue diaper bag checklists pictured blow. PDF format.

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