Ingenious Products You Need if You Have A Toddler

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Life with a toddler brings many joys but also many challenges. When it comes to raising a toddler parents need all the help they can get. These ingenius products are perfect for saving you time and energy and making parenting easier.

Anti-Climbing Sleeper

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This sleeper is perfect for the toddler that has mastered the art of climbing out of their crib. It allows enough room for the toddler to walk but restricts them from swinging their leg up high enough to climb out of their crib.

Potty Training Watch

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This watch is specially designed to help your toddler remember when they need a potty break. You can set up to 16 alarms to help your child remember when to go. The watch plays a melody that will make potty time something that your child will look forward to.

Portable Potty Seat

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Potty trainig a toddler is challenging enough on its own. Travel can make potty training an even bigger challenge because you can’t exactly carry a full-sized potty training chair everywhere you go. This portable potty seat makes potty training on the go a breeze. It’s foldable and easily fits into a purse or diaper bag.

Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer

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This thermometer allows parents to track their childโ€™s body temperature in real time through their smartphone. Designed specially to be comfortable for your child and is placed under their arm adhesively. It sends an alert directly to your phone if your child’s temperature goes above a certain threshold. With this product you no longer have to disrupt your child to take their temperature which is especially great when they are sleeping.

No-Spill Snack Bowl

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This container is designed to stop snacks from being spilled all over your home, car, or anywhere else you take your toddler. Whether they drop it, throw it, or flip it over, the contents will stay in the bowl.

Turn Any Cup into a Sippy Cup

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These silicone sippy cup lids stretch to fit over most cups turning them into spill proof sippy cups for your toddler.

Medication Dispensing Sippy Cup

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This sippy cup is specially designed to make giving your toddler medication easier and less messy.

Faucet Extender

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Teaching your toddler hand washing can be hard if they aren’t tall enough to reach the faucet. This is where this convenient gem comes in handy.

Portable Highchair

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No more searching for highchairs in restaurants! This highchair is made of cloth making it easy to wash and easy to travel with.

Spoutless Sippy Cup

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Prepare your toddler for drinking from a real cup with these spoutless sippy cups.

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