The Ultimate Survival Guide for Moms: Mornings with Kids Edition

If you’re a Mom, you know about the struggles of getting kids ready and off to school! Everyone is tired and cranky and if your kids are anything like mine, than you know they’re going to wait until the last minute to ask for anything. Even when you ask them the night before if they have anything that needs signed or if they have their clothing ready for the morning they still don’t remember until 10 minutes before the bus arrives.

Check out my video below, that my kids and I made that shows the struggles of mornings for Moms. I’m sure you can relate to something if not most of this video. We attempted to put a comical twist on it but you and I both know that the struggle is real!

Be sure to scroll under the video after you’ve watched it to check out some tips and products that I recommend that has made morning time a million times easier in my house!

Products and Tips to Make Mornings A Breeze


Invest in a Great Alarm Clock

Everyone relies on their cellphones nowadays for everything, even for their alarm clock. I can tell you though it is very much recommended that you invest in a good alarm clock instead of relying on your phone. I don’t know about you but my kids have been late to school a few times when I rolled over on my phone in my sleep and didn’t hear the alarm go off. I’m also a heavy sleeper and during mornings when I’m extremely exhausted sometimes I won’t even hear my phone alarm because it isn’t very loud.

You know how it is when you drop your kids off late. You have to take them into the office and feel the piercing gaze of the secretary judging you for not having your life together. No matter what excuse you give them, they just know. Maybe it’s because you’re still in your pajamas, or little Suzy’s hair is in a tangled knot, or Johnny is wearing two different shoes. It’s so embarrassing.

The alarm clock I would recommend would have to be the ANJANK Alarm Clock. Heavy sleeper? No problem. This alarm has a wireless bed shaker and a super loud vibrating alarm clock. I understand that it can be hard to sleep with the light of an alarm clock burning a hold through your eyelids and directly into your retina but, thankfully, this alarm clock has a dimmer. Plus, it has a bonus of a USB charger port.

Prep the Night or Sunday Before

It’s a hard habit to get into but it only takes about 15 minutes to do each night and saves you 8,000 hours in the morning when you haven’t yet had enough coffee to function.

If you’re really feeling like an overachiever take time on Sunday and lay out clothes for an entire week of school. I recommend a hanging organizer such as the one pictured above. I have one of these for each of my boys and it has been a complete game changer. It hangs nicely in the closet and has 6 cubby holes. We fill the first 5 with outfits and the bottom one is used for the shoes they plan to wear.


I got so sick of making lunches every morning that I decided to meal prep them on Sunday nights. It turned out it was a great idea and saved me tons of time. I usually make them PB&J which I store in the freezer and pop out one each night to put in their lunchbox. Fruits and vegetables are an easy addition, pudding, cheese and crackers, ham sandwiches, etc.

It’s also essential for your child to have a good lunch box to ensure that their food stays at the appropriate temperature, doesn’t leak all over their homework and bookbag, and has different compartments for different foods.

Click the link above to check out this awesome bento/ lunch box. It has six compartments to keep their food separate. If you ever had ranch dressing spill onto your brownie, you’d know why these compartments are important! The bento box is both, freezer and microwave safe and fits perfectly inside the lunch bag.

Make Breakfast Simple

There is no need to stress over cooking at 6 o’clock in the morning. I don’t know why anyone would put themselves through that torment on a weekday.

Here are a few simple and quick breakfasts:

  • cereal and milk
  • yogurt
  • nutri-grain bars
  • instant oatmeal

If you want to prep breakfast the night or week before that’s a good option as well. Certain foods, you can make a big batch of, freeze, and each night before bed put enough for the next morning into the fridge. The food should be thawed in the morning. All you have to do is pop it in the microwave and enjoy.

Here are some breakfast prep ideas:

  • bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits
  • sausage and egg burritos
  • muffins
  • pancakes

If you feel really fancy you can invest in a crockpot! All you really have to do is set and forget the night before and a tasty hot breakfast will be ready in the morning.

Crockpot breakfast recipes:

Check Bookbags

Be sure to check your kids bookbags as soon as they get home. This ensures they get started on homework as soon as possible and you’ll be able to see if there are any announcements or papers that need signed. Trust me, you can ask multiple times if there is anything in their bag and they’ll most likely forget. Kids tend to have a one tack mind and generally are more worried about playing than worrying about what’s in their bookbags. Save yourself the morning hassle of getting a stack of papers waved in your face five minutes before the bus arrives in the morning.

Have them skim through their bag with you each day and before you know it they will be in the habit of doing this everyday without you having to remind them.

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