35 Date Ideas for Couples

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Whether you have been married for 50 years or you have been together for a couple of months, dates are good for every relationship. Dates foster quality time together and intimacy that is necessary to keep your relationship healthy and strong.

There is really no set of standards that a date has to follow as long as it allows you to spend time together and communicate. Sometimes it can be hard to think of different things to do for a date. If you want to try something new in your relationship but are out of ideas than this list is for you.

Below I have compiled a list of date ideas that range from classic to a bit unorthodox. I hope that this list can help you come up with new ideas that will be appealing to both you and your partner.


Dinner and a Movie – This is a classic go to for many people and that’s okay!

Bowling – Grab your old ball and shoes and take your sweetie out for a night of bowling. If you don’t own the equipment your local bowling alley will allow you to rent it. This date is decently cheap and most bowling alleys offer a bar and a restaurant. Make it even more fun and invite another couple for a double date. This date is great for the competitive couple.

Dance Class – Have you ever begged your partner to take you out dancing but you have never gone because he or she claims they can’t dance? This one hits two birds with one stone. Have fun dancing with your partner while they learn some new moves.

Cooking Class – You can be an expert chef or not know anything about cooking to join one of these classes. Cooking classes offer you and your partner the chance to create something together.

Dinner Cruise – If you are into the classic dates but want to spice it up a bit than I highly suggest a dinner cruise. Eat, enjoy your partner, and watch the beautiful view of the water around you.

Hiking -Head to a local trail and enjoy nature as you spend quality time with your partner. Don’t think you have to be athletic to pull this one off. You can hike up a mountain trail or take a walk on a paved path through a park. Follow this link to find trails near you.
Take along a picnic basket and a blanket and have a picnic while you are out there.

Bike ride – How long has it been since you have taken a bike ride? For most people the last time they enjoyed peddling down the street or through the park was as a child. Get in some exercise while you enjoy the company of your lover. Don’t have a bike? There are numerous places that you can rent them for an afternoon or find some cheap ones on craigslist. Find local bike rentals.

Play Board Games – Board games are not just for kids! Bust out Scrabble, Monopoly, Yahtzee, or any other game. If you would like a board game that is specifically for couples than check out Date Night Box Set , O-ing Tower, Would you Rather?

Theater – Check out a play, musical, or go to the opera.

Candlelight Picnic – All you need to pull this one off is a nice meal, champagne, some candles, and a blanket. Go to a local park, the beach, or your own backyard. Although, this idea is simple and can be relatively cheap it constitutes a sense of romance and love.

Painting Class – This date night idea has become popular in recent years thanks to businesses like Paint with a Twist where you can get step by step instructions to create a masterpiece while sipping wine.

Road Trip – Who doesn’t love road trips? Whether you are driving across the country or around town the feel of wind in your hair, great tunes, and the open road give a special and relaxing feel to a date night. Pack some snacks and stop at any location that catches your eye.

Skydiving – I have too much anxiety to ever consider doing this one but if you and your partner are the daredevil type and are’nt afraid of heights than this one is perfect for you.

Bungee Jumping – Bungee jumping offers a rush of excitement for anyone willing to commit to the jump.

Comedy Club – When my Husband and I were first dating we went to the Funny Bone in West Port Plaza, which is in St. Louis. We enjoyed great drinks and listened to hilarious comedians. I don’t think we ever laughed so hard.

Star Gazing – Lay a blanket on the ground and cuddle together as you gaze at the stars. If you have a pickup truck you can fill the bed with pillows and blankets or blow up a kiddie pool and do the same. Use a telescope to get a better view or download an app that maps out the constellations in the nights sky.

Walk on the Beach – Simple but romantic. If you live close enough to the ocean than take a drive there hold hands and feel the sand beneath your feet. If you’re like me and live nowhere close to the ocean than a stole around a local lake will do just fine. Collect sea shells or other mementos to commemorate your trip.

Fishing – Fishing is a great way to connect with your partner. It’s usually quiet at fishing spots and you can have a nice conversation while you fish. Bonus points if you use the fish for dinner.

Ice Skating – It is very hard to find things to do in the winter time but you are in luck if you are close to an ice skating rink.


Sporting Event – Baseball, hockey, football, soccer are just a few sporting events that you can get tickets to. Many men and women enjoy sports. If your significant other is a big fan of any particular team or sport than why not surprise them with tickets to a game? If you really want to surprise them, you can make them wear a blindfold while you drive to the event. Imagine the look on their face when they take off their blindfold!

Gym – Whether you are the athletic type or you both are wanting to get physically fit than the gym is a great place for a date. Get hot and sweaty together while you help each other hit your exercising goals.

Zoo – We live about 40 minutes from St. Louis and the St. Louis Zoo is one of our favorite places to go. The best part is that many Zoo’s are free of charge and you can make a whole day out of the trip.

Concert – Surprise your significant other with concert tickets to their favorite band. Check your local listings for free concerts in the area if your budget is tight. Many community events and bars offer live bands.

Museum – My Husband took me to the St. Louis Art Museum one Mother’s Day. I am a total art nerd so it was right up my alley. We got to enjoy a special brunch that the museum was hosting for the holiday. The lobster macaroni and cheese and the banana fosters french toast was to die for. Most museums offer special events for certain occasions making it a must to look into. Plus, there are many different types of museums from art to history and everything in between.

Wine Tasting – Many places that sell wine will offer wine tasting events through the year. While some only offer free samples of wine others will host entire events around their wine tastings that include live music and food.

Carnival – Ride the Ferris Wheel together, taste unusual and delicious treats, or play games. Fun seems to be around every corner when it comes to carnivals and town fairs.

Ghost Tour – This one may sound a little unorthodox for a date but I can assure you from personal experience, it is so fun. I’m really into spooky things like horror movies, ghost stories, haunted houses, etc. For my birthday my husband took me on a haunted ghost tour. A bus took us from place to place and we got to explore old abandoned buildings and other haunted locations. We had a very knowledgeable tour guide who explained the history and haunting of each sight. These are especially popular around Halloween but many places offer these types of tours year round.

Rock Climbing – Rock climb the side of a mountain with professional rock climbing gear or visit a place that offers a rock climbing wall.

Laser Tag – Since its birth in 1979, with the release of the Star Trek franchise, laser tag has seen a boom in the United States. Chase each other around while you play this game or play against another couple. Businesses that host laser tag can be found many places and offer fun for all ages.

Paint Ball – Usually featured outside, this fun game is similar to laser tag but minus the lasers and insert messy and fun paint balls.

Gardening – Plant a garden together and watch it grow. Set up a special date to have a nice meal with the fruits of your labor upon harvest. Gardening tools and seeds are fairly cheap. If you live in an apartment creating a small porch garden would be a great alternative.

Go to the Park – Some of these ideas aren’t an option for people who don’t live near a big city or major metropolitan area. One place that you can find that is in every town or close by is a park. Swing on the swings together, see who can swing across the monkey bars the fastest, or have a race from one end to the other.

Play a Sport – Get competitive challenge each other to a game of tennis, volley ball, racket ball, golf, etc.

Mini Golf – This game is more about fun and less about skill and offers you the opportunity to have deep and meaningful conversations as you play.

Water Park – If it is Summertime or just generally hot where you live than you can cool off with your partner at a water park. Ride down fun water slides, relax in a floaty as you glide down a body of water, or get tot talking as you lay out for a nice tan. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

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