Rebates – Holiday Fragrance Gift Sets

EXPIRED: December 2019

Christmas is just around the corner and statistics show that over 50% of Americans wait until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts. There is only a few days left until Christmas is here and now would be the time to finish shopping.

Holiday gift sets are amazing to buy and use as gifts. These are convenient because the gift is already put together and it is usually cheaper overall to buy gift sets instead of individual products. The savings increase when coupons are added.

For example, last year I stocked up on Irish Spring body wash gift sets. The retail value of individual Irish Spring body wash is $3.97 at Walmart. The gift set I purchased had three body washes in it and the cost was $9.98 (before tax). If I bought them individually 3 body washes would equal $11.91 (before tax). Buying the gift set instead of the individual body washes resulted in a savings of $1.93. For even more savings I had rebates on an app for $2 off each set. That left me with a grand total of $3.93 that I saved, which is the cost of one body wash. I ended up buying five sets and saved about $20! $20 is a nice chunk of money.

Individual body wash – $3.97 (3 x $3.97 =$11.91)

Gift set pack with three body washes -$ 9.98

Rebate – $2.00 off

= $3.93 savings on each gift set.

To utilize any of the coupons featured in this article follow this link or click on one of the pictures below to sign up for Checkout 51 and download the free app on any smart phone

*Rebates are available until December 25th at 11:59 p.m.and must be purchased between December 16th and December 25th to qualify. Barcode verification of purchase required.

If you want to learn more about coupon and rebate apps including how to sign up check out my other post – Coupon and Rebate Apps

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