Free Christmas Printables for Kids

Christmas printables for your children. Below, is a letter to Santa, an Official Nice List Certificate, and an Official Naughty Behavior Warning.

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A Letter to Santa

Take most of the guesswork out of penning a letter to Santa. Simply print and have your child fill in the appropriate responses. Download this PDF file below.

The letter allows them to point out their good behavior to Santa. It has a place to share the things they have done well and ways they have been helpful to others. There is a also a small area for reflection on the things your child might be struggling with. Last, the letter features an area to list the things they hope to receive this Christmas including an area for educational items, items they need, and clothing.

We have all told our children at one point or another that Santa doesn’t bring presents to kids on the naughty list or even worse, he’d leave coal in their stocking! With that being said, most children are probably going to be on their best behavior but some may struggle.

I have printables listed below for children who have been good and children who have been naughty.

Official Nice List Certificate

This certificate is a good way to let your kids know that Santa is proud of their behavior lately.

Imagine their surprise when they wake up one morning and find this certificate for them, pointing out their good behavior. This is perfect if you have the Elf on A Shelf doll because your elf can leave it out for your child in the middle of the night. If you don’t have one of the dolls, simply, place the certificate somewhere that your child will find it and leave a note from an elf in the North Pole or tell them an elf dropped it off in the middle of the night.

This will definitely be something they will cherish. It’s a treasure they can show off to friends and family. Plus, it will make them feel good about themselves and want to continue to be on their best behavior.


Official Warning from The Department of Elf Behavioral Surveillance

Now, let’s move on to the children who have not exactly earned the Nice List Certificate. As I mentioned before, I’m sure every parent has warned their child about that naughty list and bad behavior. Prove to them that Santa takes bad behavior very seriously by giving them this official warning from Santa and his team of Elves.

All you need to do is print and fill out the warning slip to show your child that bad behaviors will not be tolerated. Hopefully, this will be just the thing to steer them in the right direction.

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