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Christmas really is a magical time, especially for children. I remember when I was a child just how much I looked forward to Christmas. I adored the lights, movies, the Christmas trees, Santa, Elves, Reindeer, family togetherness, and most of all the magical feeling that warmed my heart. My parents would drive my siblings and us around town so we could see the lights and decorations that seemed to be on just about every house. We visited Santa every year, sat on his lap, and told him what presents we wanted. We left cookies and milk out for Santa and sprinkled reindeer food in the yard. Christmas morning, we would be up before the sun, bursting with excitement, hoping our parents would get up so we could tear open our gifts. The milk we left out would be gone from the cup and all that would be left on the plate was a half-eaten cookie.  

My parents always managed to make Christmas very special for us and I am very grateful for that. Once I had kids of my own, I realized how amazing it was to see my children’s faces light up when they decorated the tree, woke up to presents on Christmas morning, and when I took them to meet Santa. Most parents would do anything to see their children’s eyes glow in anticipation and joy. 

Personally, I think that, writing letters to Santa or getting to see and talk to him are some of my most cherished Christmas memories. Meeting and speaking with Santa is also something that my kids truly enjoy. I mean, Santa is practically a celebrity in the eyes of children and getting to speak with him, sit on his lap, or just knowing that he has read a letter from you is exciting.


Below I have listed some resources and links that will help your children to get in touch with Santa and one that will even help you capture a picture of Santa in your home on Christmas eve. What could be greater than making Christmas an even more magical time for your children?

Write A Letter to Santa and Receive a Letter Back

Sending letters to Santa has always been a memorable tradition that most children look forward to.  When I was a child I enjoyed pulling out a piece paper and jotting down a list of presents, I hoped Santa would bring me.  I always decorated my letters with glitter, markers, and any other craft material I could get my hands on.

The USPS an awesome program where your child can send a letter to Santa and receive one back with a postmark from the North Pole. 

The first thing you need to do is have your child write a letter to Santa. If they can’t write yet, you can write it for them. Have them decorate it if they wish. Put the letter in an envelope. 

address it to:  

Santa Claus, North Pole. 

Second, when your child isn’t around write or type a response letter and sign it from Santa. Place this letter in an envelope and address it to the child with Santa’s address in the top left corner. Don’t forget to add a stamp to this envelope.  

Third, place both letters in a larger stamped envelope. 

 Address this larger envelope to: 

North Pole Postmark 
4141 Postmark Dr. 
Anchorage, Ak 99530-9998 

Important: The USPS recommends having the letters sent no later than Dec. 7 so that they can arrive at the Anchorage, AK office by Dec. 15. 


Email Santa and get a Response

Times have changed and even Santa is up to date with the newest forms of technology. If the traditional letter through the mail isn’t your thing than you can e-mail Santa instead. Your child will receive a response from Santa’s elves. 

Email Santa at  

click on the box that reads: Write Santa.  

Call Santa and Leave a Message on His Voicemail

Another great program allows children to call Santa on the phone.  

Call Santa at 951-262-3062

Since Santa is so busy this time of year your child will be directed to his voicemail. They’ll get to hear a jolly message from him and afterwards they can leave a message on his voicemail letting him know what gifts they would like for Christmas.  

Capture a Picture of Santa in your Home

I think every child has tried at least once to stay up as late as they could in order to catch a glimpse of Santa on Christmas Eve. No matter how hard we tried it always turned out that Santa only arrived after we had fallen asleep. How exciting would it have been to run into the big guy himself and witness him putting presents under the tree or watch him guiding his sleigh through the night sky.

Now has come the time where your child no longer has to be bummed out that they missed seeing Santa on Christmas Eve. You can create a picture of Santa inside your house that you can share with your children in the morning. Your child will be amazed and excited to be able to see a picture of Santa next to your Christmas tree. They will treasure the picture for years to come and they’ll be happy to share with everyone the proof they own that Santa is real.  –  This website features an app that allows you to create unlimited pictures of Santa. They feature Santas of different races and provide multiple poses that you can chose from. Available for both Android and iPhone. It is also 100% free. 


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